Whatever You’re Thinking, Think Bigger.

What you achieve in life is directly related to the bar you set. People set bars for themselves every day and either achieve them or come close. Rarely do we set a bar for ourselves and overachieve it. That’s because we can only accomplish what we can imagine.

Imagine climbing a mountain . . . close your eyes and think about climbing a mountain.

Did you imagine yourself at the top of the mountain, one the way up the mountain, or at the bottom of the mountain? People who imagine themselves at the top of the mountain will climb further than those who imagine themselves at the bottom. Those who envision reaching the top will, indeed, do so.

Think about what the ’top of the mountain’ is for you. Is it selling your business, growing your business internationally, becoming known for your impact in the world, achieving a certain financial goal, or something else? Whatever it is, start by writing down what you would like to achieve. Then, imagine it happening. Then, imagine it bigger than that.

If you do this and then do something every single day toward what you imagine, with determination and rigor, it will be yours.

What can you imagine?