The problem

Sales and Engineering not in alignment—slowing down client acquisition

The results

Sales and Engineering aligned ready to work in collaboration with one another

How Motus9 helped

We conducted a workshop with the key stakeholders of about 20 people at Corvalent. During the four- to five-hour period, we spoke with the team about why customer engagement matters and how Corvalent could be the Industry Leader. This offered an opportunity for everyone to share their perspective and helped people understand one another; walls started to come down. From there, we talked about how Corvalent was perceived, how they wanted it to be perceived, and how to provide the desired experience. There was no more “taking sides” or defending previous action; the engineers and sales teams worked together to achieve the same outcome—presenting a more united front.  As the team dug in, they realized they had been disempowering instead of empowering one another to effectively do their work. It was that simple. Everything from that point forward at Corvalent needed to be centered around empowerment.

Favorite Motus9 moment

“It was so simple. Not easy, but simple. That’s when it’s golden. When we can help our client see the solution to their problem simply, we know we have made major progress toward helping them achieve the goal. In a follow up conversation with Ed, he said our work was just what he was looking for and helped kick off momentum not seen for a very long time amongst sales and engineering.”


Nickie and Eric are experienced, dedicated and creative professionals committed to operational excellence. I would recommend Motus9 to any organization looking for consultants that have a broad knowledge of marketing communication and corporate strategic planning.

Ed Trevis, CEO