The problem

Client representing a major percentage of company revenue planned to leave RASI

The results

Saved and increased revenue; client did not leave AND increased services used with RASI

How Motus9 helped

In a conversation with Danny Ferran, Motus9 coached Danny on how to use the scheduled call as a training opportunity for the team. Rather than show up ready to defend the client’s concerns, Motus9 coached them to show up excited and ready to hear the concerns. Based on our recommendation, Danny met with his staff an hour ahead of the call, determined goals for the call, and how to approach the conversation ready to learn as much as you can learn.

Favorite Motus9 moment

“Danny was very open to our suggestions and their implementation. When he told us that what once was a dreaded meeting turned into a retained client with significant expanded opportunity—we were thrilled. This is exactly why we do what we do, and it’s invigorating.”


Awesome meeting! The team asked great questions, listened carefully and was creative with solutions. This exciting client is now not only staying but will trust us with a large new project.

Daniel Ferran, Account Operations Manager