The problem

Growing quickly with no clear vision or standards

The results

Crystal clear company vision and standards used in every facet of team interaction, hiring, and evaluation

How Motus9 helped

We conducted our Telling Your Story process which concludes with clear 10, 5, 3, and 1 year goals along with vision, mission, values, competitive difference, and BBQ speech (not an elevator speech because no one wants to talk, or feels comfortable, in an elevator). During this five month process, we had deep conversations with Rob and Bobby about where they’re going, where they came from, what matters most to them; we discussed what winning looks like and what’s intolerable. We spoke with every employee and a few dozen external partners. Throughout this work, we coached Rob and Bobby to elevate their already elevated view of what’s possible.

Favorite Motus9 moment

“In Rob and Bobby’s office one day, they shared how impressed they were that we could help them see further than they on their own could see. That makes me smile. It’s exactly what we work to do with every client.”


Cielo case study

Motus9 truly spent whatever time and energy was necessary to really make a difference for our company. They really cared about us and our successful future.

Rob Gandy, Founding Principal