Conscious Consideration

Everyone’s schedule is full whether socially, professionally or both. How frequently do you consciously consider the impression you make on others? The power of your impression is always significant, making sure it’s the one you want is invaluable. When you take the time to consider the impression you wish to leave, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes in your life and those around you. Here are some questions to consider as you decide the impression you wish to leave:

  • When the meeting/event/party/conversation has ended, what would you want to hear people saying about your contribution?
  • What words describe the impression you want to make?
  • How can you advance your career and/or friendships with the perception you’d like to make (desired impression/impression you wish)?
  • Do you wish to make a positive or negative impression?
  • What obstacles get in your way upon delivering upon desired impression?
  • How do you contribute to the energy in the room?