January 6, 2021


My husband and I were with friends recently when one friend talked about how significantly she struggles with guilt. She would love to move beyond it and can find it debilitating at times. She openly asked for ideas to overcome these serious bouts of guilt. Before I could say a word, another friend chimed in and said one simple word . . . “Gratitude.” And, he’s exactly right. He is the king of gratitude and he knows exactly the healing powers it has.

I chimed in to support his recommendation and said, “Guilt is an emotion that keeps you stagnant or, worse yet, can pull you backwards”. She agreed. It was incredible to see the idea wash over her, to see the relief flow upon her as she realized she could be free of guilt. Later in the day, she took a minute to thank us for spending time with her, for having everything arranged making their arrival easy. She noted, “I want to feel guilty for not bringing or doing anything. Instead, I choose to be grateful and it feels so good.”

Does guilt affect you? If so, how do you respond to it?

What if you chose gratitude instead?

I know this sounds too simple. It may even sound frustrating. What if it works? What if you find yourself happier and living a fuller life? Would you be okay with a simple way to find fulfillment? Try it on.

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