Honest Position

If you’ve read Good to Great, you celebrated all the greatness of many, now defunct organizations like Fannie Mae. In addition you celebrated the rise of a now rising again star, Wells Fargo. The book wasn’t wrong. These companies did, indeed, go from Good to Great. The problem was they didn’t stay there. They didn’t keep doing what made them great.

Wells Fargo has recently gotten very honest, with itself and the world. You’ll see them calling 2018 the year they have been ‘re-established’. It’s a gutsy move for a behemoth like them to be so candid. Or is it?

If you read the “22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing”, you’ll come across the “Law of the Ladder” showcasing just how important it is for companies to be super candid about exactly where they stand in the marketplace. Wells Fargo is doing just that. They have owned up to the mistakes made which have cost them dearly; from massive revenue declines, to limits put on them from the government, to a dreadful public perception. Their honest approach to starting over might just make me interested in being a customer for the first time.

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