Change Your Mindset, Change Your Habit

I’ve got some habits I’d like to get rid of and some new ones I’d like to form. A few of them are:


  • All or Nothing thinking
  • Impatient
  • Unapproachable at times
  • Self-focused
  • Over-eating

Can you relate? Do you have some habits you’d like to change?

As an executive coach, I get to help other people change their habits. It’s very rewarding for both them and me when they’ve realized the change. I’m not immune to bad habits and have to make some changes myself. Here’s a bit about my journey to change my habits.

I recently joined Noom, the weight-loss app blowing up everywhere. After going through 3 tumultuous years where the most comfort I found was in food and drink, I’m ready to shed some weight in all forms; lose physical weight and achieve a weight I feel most comfortable in and lose some mental weight that no longer serves me. What struck me, and made me want to join, is that Noom focuses on the psychology of weight loss, not just the food/fitness part of weight loss. I’m 15 days in and loving it!

I’ve made some significant shifts in my thinking which is what we help clients do and is what is bringing me the most joy and realization in my experience with Noom. Moving forward, I will think:


  • A little is okay. It’s not all or nothing.
  • Most things worth doing are worth the wait. So, I’ll be patient.
  • Enjoy the moment and each encounter. What’s on my mind can wait. (This will make me more approachable).
  • How can I help the other person? What do they need?
  • Finishing my plate has never been necessary and it isn’t now. Enjoy until I’m fulfilled, not stuffed.

By Nickie Froiland