Your Energy Matters

A party feels like a party because of the energy all the people bring to the room. A funeral feels like a funeral for the same reason. Vacation feels like vacation because you give it that relaxed, uplifted energy. Work feels like work because too many people give it ‘I have to do this’ energy rather than ‘how can I show my value’ or ‘where can I win’ energy. A meeting can feel many different ways and it depends on the energies of all the people in the meeting. Yes, these are extreme scenarios and that’s in order to help you truly embrace the power of your energy.

Think about the steps you take each and every day. You shower, get dressed, eat, and drive/ride. When you’re preparing for a party or a funeral, you give special consideration to what you are wearing before you get dressed; in addition, you contemplate the environment and, either consciously or subconsciously, consider the energy of the situation. In a party scenario, you usually wear something that’s fun, vibrant, makes you feel your most electric self. For a funeral, you likely wear something subtle, understated, and makes you feel subdued and stoic. What if you did the same thing each and every day for your career?

When you wake up, consider the events of your day, consider what you want to bring, how your energy can add to the desired results. Dress for the attitude and energy you want to embody. Watch your business go further faster by doing this very simple thing and creating an intention for the energy you want to bring!