Dangerously Implicit

You know the feeling when you explain a project, idea, or thought to a colleague and you think, that was awesome. I really feel like I got my point across, we’re definitely on the same page. A few days later they reply with their own thoughts or contributions, and it’s like you were speaking a different language!

The dangers of being implicit can lead to headaches in your personal and professional life.  What you said was probably implied in your mind, but wasn’t clearly expressed to the opposing party. This is where it gets messy! The best thing to do is draft your thoughts in your head. Pretend you’re talking to someone you don’t know. Does what you’re saying make sense? Are action items easy to identify? Could they repeat what you said easily?

As the definition says, being explicit leaves no room for confusion or doubt. In order to avoid a reel of “what did they say” moments, take the time to make yours simple and straightforward!