Experience with Delta

This is a great business lesson from Delta. Recently when booking a flight, I had a few questions, so I called Delta. They answered my questions, gave me what I needed, and after 10 minutes I was able to get back to what I was doing and get back to my booking. It was an easy smooth call. What happened at the end of the call, is what struck me most. I was asked to answer a 1 question survey. Intrigued, I stayed on the line and took the survey. This is the question I was asked:

“On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being definitely not, and 5 being definitely yes, how likely would you be to hire the customer service representative you just spoke to, if you had your own call center?”

I gave it a 4. I would be very likely to hire this person.

What if you had this simple 1 question survey in your own mind, after every exchange with your own employees? My guess is you would be more likely to offer prompt feedback, rather than let a small issue continue, perhaps you would promote as well as fire faster. As a leader you would most certainly raise the bar as a performance of your team.


  • For one week, ask this question of every member of your staff, and keep a tally with each person.
  • Is the answer the same, or is it different? What affects a difference if there is one? (mood changes, etc.).
  • After one week, use your log to make great decisions about refinement in your business.

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