Feeling Supported Increases Confidence

Guest post by Jill Faulkner


Feeling supported increases confidence. When you feel supported you are reassured you’re making the right decisions. At least that’s what happens for me. It’s nice to know someone has your back. When someone, especially a boss, believes in you, you believe in yourself that much more. You stand a little taller, and, well, you just feel great about yourself. Or, maybe YOU’RE the boss, and support from your employees increases your confidence.

As an employee, I used to believe that the boss had no doubts, or lack of confidence. It always seemed like they really had it together. Come to find out, we’re all human.

Support could look as simple as a nod of acknowledgement, a hand-written thank you note, or an email. Support can even mask itself as new responsibilities. If you are supported, you are believed in, and people are confident in you, and your capabilities.

What about when you don’t feel supported? I remember feeling unsupported and my body language took a dive. I’d crouch, hunch over, and was overcome by fear. Then, that’s where I operated from – a place of fear – that I’d make the wrong choice, say the wrong thing, do my work poorly. And then, I certainly didn’t feel supported because I had no confidence and I was sure I was about to get fired. This is where communication is vital, but that’s another topic for another time.

Are your employees or coworkers seeming to be lacking confidence? Maybe they don’t feel supported. Maybe they feel like they’re on an island, afraid there is no boat coming to pick them up.

What’s a way you can support the people around you? Lend a hand, give words of affirmation, or even just an ear to listen. Support is going to come in a variety of ways – learn how others feel supported, and meet them where they’re at.