Feedback is Essential . . . Be The Mirror

How likely are you to give someone a compliment quickly when they do a good job? How quickly do you give feedback when the person has done a poor job or not met expectations? Far too many people reserve feedback, especially when it’s critical. You’re holding yourself and your company back with this practice.

Books like Principals (radical transparency is the term used) and Radical Candor site just how critical it is to give feedback, of all forms, directly and promptly.

Let’s test this theory for a minute…imagine getting dressed, brushing your teeth, using the restroom, and going about your day to day tasks without ever looking at a mirror? Would you notice the toothpaste on your face? Would you see the belt loop you missed? The fact is, a mirror gives you feedback and you use that feedback to make immediate adjustments.

Be the mirror to your employees, partners, clients, board, and anyone you interact with. Tell them what they can’t see. Empower them to embrace their strengths and address their weaknesses.

Make it a point for one week, 7 full days, to give forward, immediate feedback to all colleagues. Do this in a direct, professional manner. The results will astound you.