Get the right people in the room.

Imagine you’re four years old on your way to the mall to visit Santa because you KNOW he can make your dreams come true. But, instead, you’re greeted by an elf – Santa is on vacation. WHAT? Now, this unqualified person will listen to you and relay your message to the “Big Guy?” No way! I’m not accepting this. I was prepared and ready to talk to the “Big Guy” myself.

For every meeting there is a goal.
With every goal there is action.
With every action there is a decision.

Get the decision maker in the meeting, or the meeting should not happen.

Too often, meetings take place without a clear agenda or clear goal. Once these are established and communicated to the decision maker, it makes avoiding the meeting almost impossible for them. Sure, things happen and schedules need to be adjusted – that’s life – but don’t still have the meeting just because it was scheduled if the decision maker cannot be in the room.

When your decision maker cannot attend, be proactive. Re-schedule and provide an updated agenda and goals. It shows respect to all involved, and puts you in a more commanding position to lead.

Get the right people in the room and you will move things Further, Faster.