Owner, Player, Coach? Pick One!

I love Will Ferrel and think his comedy is amazing! If you have not seen the movie Semi-Pro, and you’re a business owner, give it shot. There is a lot for the small business owner to learn from Jackie Moon.

Take a look at this clip.
Corndogs were a huge distraction for Jackie Moon, it made him look frantic, and he was not a good owner, player, or coach. His focus was marketing, promotions, accounting, but all his reactions were corndogs, corndogs, corndogs. He took on every position in his organization except owner/leadership. This was a team that needed leadership and Woody Harellson’s character brought the leadership the team needed in the movie.

Too often we “owners” feel we are the only one qualified or capable of day to day tasks. Staying focused on  the bigger picture and leading your organization is the key to growth. What role do you play in your company? Try to identify when you’re playing in someone else’s position. Empower them and get out of the way Jackie Moon.