Own the Meeting

Have you been to a meeting and it didn’t go how you wanted it to? How about a meeting where you left exhilarated because it went exactly how you wanted it to? We want you to have more meetings which go exactly how you want them to go. Doing so is simple, yet takes dedicated preparation time and consideration.

To own a meeting:

  1. Set a goal for the meeting
  2. Determine who the meeting owner is – if there are more than one of you from your party, make sure there is a dedicated ‘owner’ on your side
  3. Decide if it’s ‘your’ meeting or ‘their’ meeting. If it’s ‘their’ meeting, you’ll need to think about how to properly achieve your goal while allowing them the opportunity to achieve theirs.
  4. Create a flow chart for the meeting – usually goes like this:
    1. Introductions
    2. Get started – Ask first question
    3. State what’s been determined and agreed upon – get agreement
    4. Suggest the next step and get agreement
    5. Determine the timing for the next step
    6. Schedule the next meeting to review/confirm next step
  5. When in the meeting, be the FIRST person to ask a QUESTION. This alone will set the tone and determine who will run the meeting.

Following this process has resulted in significant accelerated sales!