Say it Simply

The man who brought us E=MC², Albert Einstein, was an undeniable genius. He’s affected our world and life for eternity. It’s worth paying attention to his very famous quote, “If you can’t say it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” when looking at your own business.

When you talk about your business, do you captivate people within a sentence? Do you find them more and more engaged as you share the story of what you do and how you can help them? Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm. Most of the time, people will become disengaged or disinterested the more you talk about what you do.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s entirely possible for you to have ENGAGING conversations EVERY time you talk about what you do. Albert Einstein has told you how to do it. Say is simply.

When someone asks you “What do you do”, consider this:

  1. Respond with the outcome you deliver. If you make people lives easier with what you do, say that. If you build wealth for people, say that. If you take the worry out of technology, say that. The point is to tell people what happens because of what you do.
  2. Do not respond with your job title and company name. This puts you in position to be just like the other person they know with the same title or responsibility. You may not want to be considered anything like them.
  3. Answer in a way that starts the conversation, rather than ends it. So often, I see people at networking or other events, and they tell people what they do in a straight-forward answer like “I’m a financial advisor” and it ends the conversation rather than begins it. The reason for this is the person already thinks they know what a financial advisor does so they don’t have questions. If you follow #1, you’ll engage people and find you’ll have more fruitful conversations.

At Motus9, we are committed to helping businesses move further, faster. How we do that depends on the business and is always customized. What message can you deliver that’s as simple as ‘further, faster’ and gets people interested?